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"I could just feel my body and neck muscle relax, which I had not been able to do at all, and the pain easing away." Annechien, 40+ years, Holland

"Pranic Healing is a safe, healthy and positive experience which I would strongly recommend to anyone who is suffering in any way. I believe it can heal/relieve anything." Eilis, 40+ years, Cork

"As my treatments progressed, I began to feel the benefits, my sleep patterns returned to normal, I felt relaxed, had more energy and my general health was much better." Geraldine, 50+ years, Co. Cork

I started a course of Distant Pranic Healing with Helen last summer, at a time when I felt low, tired, worthless. I was also stones overweight. Within a couple of sessions I felt lighter and freer and mentioned feeling 'like a fake' because I was so happy and I didn't realise I could ever feel that happy. Now I feel that happy so much of the time and so very peaceful and accepting and also several stone lighter and I truly believe Helen and Pranic Healing was the catalyst. When you meet her you feel the positivity immediately from her and you know you've come to the right place.

V, 40+ Dublin

I had been unwell for many years. Unsteady on my feet, poor concentration, overwhelming tiredness, which made it impossible for me to get to work every day and even to drive or socialise. I was becoming more and more depressed and despite the Doctor's best efforts, nothing was helping and they couldn't find the cause. I contacted Helen, because she had been able to help my sister-in-law and her little boy, so I thought it was worth a try. I don't even think that I was expecting it to work, but she was so kind, that at least it was nice to see a friendly face. My Father drove me to her clinic every week and each week I felt better, the symptoms reduced and my energy increased, to the point that I could get to work, stay and work and do my work and even have a social life. At one point I joked with Helen that if it hadn't been for these treatments, my parents would have found me hanging at the end of the garden. But it wasn't really a joke. What I liked best about the treatments was that I didn't have to talk. I could just relax and Helen would work away on me, but I could talk if I wanted to. But the main thing is that it did work and I have my life back.

David, 25+ County Cork

My 9 year old son at the age of 8 developed breast tissue. As many as one in three boys may develop this as they go into puberty. It is a benign problem but in his case a boy in his class noticed it and decided he had moobs(amazing how many kids are medical experts. My son came home wanting to know if he was fat, ugly and what are man boobs or moobs were. He was not overweight but we watched his diet. He is sport mad, so he had running, soccer, hurling and swimming every week. He attended paediatrics who said it would take time. We were doing all the right things but his confidence was dwindling. This is the year he goes swimming with his class and he was dreading it. It broke my heart. I confided in Helen, not even thinking that Pranic Healing was for children. She kindly offered to do a treatment for James. So tucked up in his own bed waiting for, Helen and her 'invisibility cloak' as James calls it, he had his distance healing. I cannot fully describe the change, he is more confident happy and content. The breast tissue is reducing all the time, he is less pre occupied with his body and enjoying his sports. He swims weekly and no longer stands waiting with his arms across his chest and now is looking forward to Feb when all the class will be going swimming. The confidence means he deals with the bullying in a different way and by ignoring it or knowing he is ok in himself it too is decreasing. Helen we cant thank you enough and would recommend Pranic Healing it to everyone.

L, 40+ County Cork

I know Helen for years, and was very interested when she was explaining all about Pranic Healing and the benefits of treatments. My first treatment was held in Helen's clinic, so I got to see what the treatment entailed and how it was done. My second treatment was a distance treatment, as I was at my sister's house in agony was period pain. Helen worked her healing magic, while I lay down and rested. An hour later I was on the trampoline with my nephews, the pain a distant memory. A year later I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I had spoken to Helen about the tests and when I had the diagnosis she was ready to start treatments on me. I had Pranic Healing along with chemotherapy. I followed all the Pranic Healing recommendations, ie. Vegetarian diet and I did the Meditation on Twin Hearts as regularly as I could. One year on I'm cancer free, living life to the full. Helen is always there with advice and treatment for what ever ails me. Many thanks to Helen and Pranic Healing.

Michelle, 40+ County Cork

I hadn't heard of Pranic Healing until I was introduced to it by Helen. As someone who is rarely ill, it came as a bit of a shock to me to find that I had a problem with my hip that prevented me from running. I had been to an excellent Osteopath who did some good work on my hip, but could not alleviate the constant pain of sciatica. Helen suggested a course of Pranic Healing treatments. After the first treatments I felt immediate relief and that night slept without pain for he first time in months. Three more treatments cemented the good work of the initial treatment and three months on, I continue to be pain free. I would certainly recommend Helen to anyone experiencing pain, illness or difficulty and will return for treatment should some other ailment arise.

Vincent, 50+ years, Co. Cork

In august I was in severe pain due to a pulled neck muscle. I was unable to turn / bend my head, could not sleep, nothing seemed to help. Helen offered to do some Pranic Healing on me. Not really knowing what to expect and living far away in Holland, I was really surprised by the effect it had on me. I could just feel my body and neck muscle relax, which I had not been able to do at all, and the pain easing away. I was amazed by how strongly I felt the energies around me. That night I was able to sleep again for the first time in 10 days!

Annechien, 40+ years, Holland

My first experience of Pranic Healing was a number of years ago, when I was having difficulty getting rid of a sore throat. Helen worked on my for approximately 30 minutes. I didn't feel an immediate change but over the following couple of days, my throat completely healed. The session itself left me tired but relaxed and I could feel as though she was working on my throat for the rest of the day.

My second experience was more recently this year when I had injured my shoulder joint muscle. I had been given very strong painkillers and antibiotics which were only masking the pain. Helen worked on me for approximately 45 minutes and again, although I didn't feel an immediate relief, over the next two or three days the pain disappeared completely. I have been very careful with my shoulder since and have not put any undue pressure on it which I'm sure has also helped. I have had no pain since. Medical attention for both of these problems did not work for me, however the Pranic Healing was very successful.

I have recommended this type of therapy to anyone that I come into contact with that is suffering and cannot get relief through the usual , traditional channels. Pranic Healing is a safe, healthy and positive experience which I would strongly recommend to anyone who is suffering in any way. I believe it can heal/relieve anything.

It is worth mentioning however that I probably had the best healer in the business, which helps enormously!!!!

Eilis, 40+ years, County Cork

I had been very ill with fears of going to hospital before some majorly important exams which were taking place two days later. I hadn't eaten for 5 days and was very weak. My sister had heard of the healing work that Helen can do and she asked her to do some work on me. I followed her instructions and was very open to the idea of healing from a distance. The effect on me was unbelievable, my strength slowly returned and I was able to sit my exams. I really wouldn't have been able to get through it without her help.

Michael, 18 years, County Cork

Over the last few months I had been receiving Pranic Healing from Helen. Admittedly I did not know anything about this practice, although I would consider myself 'open' to new experiences. It was agreed that we would devote at least two slots a week to allow the Pranic Healing to take place. As I could not get to Helen's clinic on those dates, we opted to do take the distance healing option. this meant that I would I lie down in a quite/calm place in my own home,while Helen used Pranic Healing to work on me from her home. We had a discussion about the particular areas that needed attention, in my case my left fallopian tube.

I had been experiencing a lot of discomfort in this area during ovulation and around the time of my monthly cycle or even during time that I was engaged in physical exercise. However while I was receiving Pranic Healing, I did notice that I was relieved of this discomfort.

As I had been in an stressful and draining job around this time, I found that just simply allowing myself the time to rest and recharge was extremely beneficial to my well being, even my husband who is a bit of 'sceptic' began to see the calming effect it had on my after I emerged from the room. I can not say that I felt anything other than restful during the sessions but I certainly miss the revived feeling I felt after the sessions. So I would just like to thank Helen for her generosity in giving this healing and would like to encourage her to keep her faith in what she is doing.

Angelina, 30+ years (beautiful baby boy born June 2010)

My first experience of Pranic Healing was from Les Flitcroft. I was very low with depression. He did some long distance healing and I immediately felt so much better. Since then I have had Pranic Healing treatments from Helen for ailments ranging from depression to sciatica and arthritis, all of which helped enormously. Some of these treatments were distance healings and some in her Clinic in Cobh. Helen is kind, caring and supportive and a great therapist.

Brigid, 60+ years

Helen gave me some distance pranic healing for insomnia and continuous lower back ache. She asked me to relax at a specific time. Because I had not slept for many nights, she suggested that I got ready for bed, and then Helen worked on me that evening, from her Clinic in Cobh.

I felt a tingly sensation at my lower back and generally a nice relaxed feeling. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning, after having the best nights sleep ever and my back ache was gone.

I think the most important thing is just to relax and let it work, not to worry about it or question it too much.

Denis, 60+ years

I would like to share with you my experience of Pranic Healing. At the beginning of 2009, I was under a lot of stress, a friend had just died, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in my spine, my work situation was very busy and I wasn't sleeping well. I felt extremely tired and emotionally overwhelmed.

I was fortunate to have Helen work on me. It was a truly wonderful experience, which benefited me greatly. Not having to leave my own home for the treatments was a huge bonus. While I was very open to the experience, being my first time, I was slightly apprehensive. I needn't have worried. From the first treatment I found it very relaxing.

As my treatments progressed, I began to feel the benefits, my sleep patterns returned to normal, I felt relaxed, had more energy and my general health was much better.

I found Helen helpful, pleasant and very accommodating when it came to making appointments for the treatments. I would highly recommend Pranic Healing and Helen as a practitioner. If the need arose I would not hesitate to do a course of Pranic Healing again.

Geraldine, 50+ years, Co. Cork

I was regularly attending an osteopath for pain in my lower back. When Helen worked on me I began to feel a gentle tingling sensation down my legs and the pain went away.

Helen also worked on my shoulder, which had been troubling me for some time, particularly while driving and likewise the pain disappeared immediately.

Helen has put me at ease instantly while at the same time being extremely professional. She put a lot of time and energy into my treatment and was extremely thorough.

Hannah, 30+ years, County Cork

Helen treated me following the birth of my 10.4 lb son. I felt my recovery was greatly accelerated due to her care. I was suffering from extremely uncomfortable haemorrhoids and following a course of treatments they went completely.

Helen also treated my children, one for constipation and another for an eye infection. Both children's discomfort was greatly eased. The children enjoyed Helen's lovely manner, she has a very natural way with children and they loved her.

Catherine, 3+ years, Children 3 & 6 years, County Cork

I was recently diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. Due to a course of medication and regular treatments with Helen I experienced a rapid recovery and quickly regained the lost weight and energy.

Richard, 30+ years, County Cork

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