Helen Geary
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Distance Healing

Treatment Prices

     Initial assessment and consultation with treatment             100 euro
           During this session we will discuss your presenting issues, past medical history and a personalised treatment will be carried out.
           Some conditions will only require one treatment to alleviate an ailment/condition, others will require further treatments.

    Additional Sessions            100 euro
           Clinic &/or Distance Healing Options = 100 euro

           For a course of 4 treatments, including initial consultation and treatment - Cost = 320 euro

Individual circumstances taken into consideration and certain payment plans can be arranged privately

PRANIC HEALING IS NOT MEANT TO REPLACE ORTHODOX MEDICINE BUT TO COMPLEMENT IT (if symptoms persist, please immediately consult a Medical doctor)


Appointments with Helen can be made by calling +353 86 1266550, filling out the form below:

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Distance Healing

Distance Healing is as effective as attending the clinic, just follow these recommendations:

- Relax and be open to the healing
- Ensure that your arms and legs are NOT crossed
- Make sure that you are either lying or sitting comfortably in a warm, quiet space
- No TV, No radio, No distractions
- After the treatment, do not shower or bath until the following day

You may feel sensations during the treatment, do not be alarmed, this is perfectly normal, but do not worry if you don't feel anything, it is working just the same and will continue to work for several days after your treatment has finished.

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